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Tbilisi, Georgia


Hi, I'm Paul, a Golf Professional and member of the Professional Golfers Association of Great Britain (The PGA). Originally from England, I have lived, taught and played the game at every level of competition throughout Europe, South East Asia and the United States. I have over twenty seven years experience playing and seventeen years teaching the game to players of all skill levels, young and old, male and female. From new players to Tour players, I have been fortunate to have taught and coached golfers from many walks of life and culture. I have spent time working with elite level amateurs, juniors and professionals on tournament circuits within Europe, the United States and Asia, and now spend the majority of my time sharing the game with all level of golfer located at the Tbilisi Hills Golf Resort, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

My teaching style is simple, creative and always on point, I do not follow a strict method or fancy teaching theory, what matters most to me is your understanding of the golf ball's flight. Every time you set a ball in motion it has something to say, my goal is to translate the message and help you acquire the understanding that will allow you to become your own best teacher. My knowledge and teaching are born out of time spent with two of the games finest teachers, Mr John Jacobs and Mr Bob Toski, two men I continue to learn from to this day.

Now based in Tbilisi, I present a straightforward selection of lesson packages, coaching clinics and individually tailored golf learning experiences. For lesson appointments, pricing details and further information please feel free to drop me a line, send me a message or just follow my thoughts, I am always here to help you enjoy the game.